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Product Design /2022

SCAD, Savannah College of Art and Design.


2022 ISFD Innovation and Design - Finalist


2022 Design Week Mexico / Unpublished Exhibition.

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STAV is a planter that not only fulfills the function of containing a plant, but it also provides an aesthetic value when it is placed in an interior. It is named after a Hebrew word that means Autumn. It was inspired by a very specific moment in Autumn where the leaves of a tree are about to fall, but not just yet.

When building STAV, the idea was to create something that makes you feel like it could fall at any second, just like the leaves in Autumn. That is why it is built with spheres. Spheres have no flat surfaces, therefore it is very difficult to stack them on top of each other without having them fall.

A leaf while attached to a tree is still alive, but in that moment when it falls, it starts to die. That’s why STAV is made with two contrasting materials: Wood and cement. Sapele wood represents the red leaves in the tree, and cement represents the dry leaves on the ground.

STAV’s purpose is to get people as excited for their planter as they are for their plant.

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