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Jewelry has played an important role in society for thousands of years. Elegance, wealth and style have always been symbolically expressed through different pieces of jewelry. Aria was inspired by the idea that jewelry doesn't just belong to the individual; buildings can also use it. The lamps are the jewel of the interior. They indicate elegance, wealth and style in a similar way to jewelry.

Its metal structure is so delicate that the fact that it measures 3 meters wide is surprising. Its light source emanates from three bulbs that are inside three white spheres that represent the pearls of a necklace, the central focus of the piece. No matter which way you look at it, Aria turns heads. It highlights the beauty of the building, just as a jewel highlights the beauty of a person.

Aria is the necklace of a building and part of its charm is thanks to its manufacture since the magic of how it is held together is invisible to the eye. Everything happens inside the acrylic spheres.



    Material: Metal and acrylic spheres. 

    Size: 318cm x 50cm x 30cm

    Light Source: X3 6W G9 LED 620lm 3000K. Dimmable Soft Warm Light. Voltage 127V. 


    Being a handmade product, the shipping time may vary. Approximately deliveries are 6 a 8 weeks after purchase.


    2022 Red Dot Design Award / Concept Design

    2022 Design Week Mexico / Unpublished Exhibition



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