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Product Design /2022

SCAD, Savannah College of Art and Design.


2022 Red Dot Design Award

Concept Design - Winner

2022 European Product Design Award

Illumination Category - Winner


2022 Design Week Mexico / Inedito Exhibition

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Jewelry has played an important role in human society for thousands of years. Elegance, wealth, and style have always been expressed symbolically through different pieces of jewelry.

Aria was inspired by the idea that jewelry does not belong only to the individual; buildings can wear it as well.  Lamps are the jewel of the interior. They indicate elegance, wealth and style in a similar manner to jewelry. 


Aria is a necklace, enlarged. 


Its metal structure is so delicate, you’d be surprised to hear it’s 10 feet wide. The light source emanates from three bulbs within spheres that resemble pearls, the central focus of the piece. No matter where you are situated, Aria catches the eye. It highlights the building’s beauty, just like a jewel highlights a person’s beauty.


Aria’s aesthetic took its cues from a pearl necklace I had at home. The intent was to enlarge and light up the “pearls.” 

Aria is a building’s necklace. It is made with a one-inch rolled steel tube, powder-coated in a copper color and three white acrylic sphere diffusers. The magic of how Aria is built is invisible to the eye. Everything happens inside the acrylic spheres. 

The same structure that holds the lamp together is the one that holds the lightbulbs. Aria has three LED 4000K lightbulbs as the light source, easily reachable from the top of the spheres. The cable that connects the three bulbs runs through the metal tube to the side. It is hung by two metal cables, adjustable to any size as needed. Aria can be easily disassembled for transportation.

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